Veterinary radiology and ultrasound scans are vital parts of your practice. As a veterinarian or a practice manager, you must ensure that you can maximally utilize the images that you obtain. One crucial way of doing this is by harnessing technology.
Many everyday tasks associated with imaging are carried out in your practice, including:

  • Reviewing images after they are captured
  • Collaborating with other specialists or radiologists for referrals or second opinions
  • Comparing images captured at different times to assess disease progression/regression
  • Creating notes and reports based on images
  • Storing the images in a safe and easily accessible location

Therefore, it is essential to have things in place that will enable you to perform these daily tasks with ease. Otherwise, they can cause frustration and various issues, including:

  • Delays in reporting that can subsequently lead to delays in establishing diagnoses
  • Delays in patients receiving care
  • Data leaks and breaches due to a lack of safe storage and data protection
  • System failures and loss of information that is not stored or backed up correctly

The Asteris Keystone Suite

Asteris is a company centered on creating solutions that fit the needs of veterinary practices. Its team believes that having effective solutions in place can have a cascading effect on the way that you do business and can markedly improve your outcomes.
The Asteris Keystone picture archiving and communication system (PACS) was created explicitly for veterinary practices, to provide solutions for all their veterinary radiology and ultrasound needs. A PACS that can integrate all your image processing and handling requirements into an easy-to-use and readily available solution will be a great addition to your veterinary practice. It will result in a marked improvement in your practice’s efficiency and productivity.

Ten Enhancements the Asteris Keystone PACS Suite Brings to Your Practice

  1. Remote access: The Asteris Keystone online app enables you to access your images on any kind of device, anywhere, and at any time. This means you do not have to wait to go into the office to view patients’ images.
  2. Collaboration and consultation: With Asteris Keystone Community, every step of the referral and consultation process, including viewing of images, making diagnoses, and reporting, is streamlined.
  3. Archive and secure data: The PACS provides a means for archiving, encrypting, and securely storing your data, both locally and automatically off-site in a cloud-based platform. You will also receive monthly reports that show your archiving activities, study dates, and patient information.
  4. Advanced teleconsultation workflow: It has an advanced telecommunications workflow that enables radiologists, specialists, and other practice stakeholders to expand their keystone PACS solution to provide a full teleconsultation and reporting platform.
  5. Image transferring and sharing: It enables you to transfer, share, and retrieve images and information and effortlessly creates reports using speech-to-text features and predesigned report templates. Its patented file packaging methods mean that the image transfer speeds are faster than most other systems. It supports multiple image modalities and allows you to view both Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and non-DICOM images with its built-in image viewer.
  6. Integration: It can be seamlessly integrated with your existing diagnostic equipment, practice management software, and radiology information system.
  7. Scheduling and monitoring: The Modality Worklist/Scheduling feature enables you to schedule exams for your patients and monitor the status of these exams
  8. Image recovery: It enables you to recover lost or damaged data if your local files become corrupted or lost.
  9. User-friendly interface: The suite has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, so no extensive training period is required.
  10. Easy installation and setup: Since the solutions are designed to work on non-proprietary hardware, there is no need to buy any dedicated hardware. Simply use what you already have. Asteris will also provide you with support during the installation and launch process.

The Asteris Keystone suite is an excellent tool for improving the processes associated with your veterinary radiology and ultrasound images. There are no monthly or annual subscription fees; it operates a “pay-as-you-use” model. It can be customized to suit your practice size and can be as extensive or as simple as you would like. Emergency client support is available 24/7 for clients at no extra cost, providing you with a means to solve any issues that might come up.
Here at Asteris, it’s our goal to help veterinarians make sound medical decisions with ease, clarity, and confidence by giving them the tools and insights that they need to optimize the way they work.
If you’re ready to stop feeling like there’s not enough time in your day, we can help you optimize your imaging processes and the way you work. Contact our specialists today to get started!