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The automation and security Keystone Omni provides brings peace of mind and frees up your attention, letting you focus on your patients.

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How Keystone Omni Optimizes Image Management

With Keystone Omni, all data received from DICOM modalities is processed in a manner that allows for expansion and changes to the DICOM standard, as published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). Non-DICOM device data is packaged into DICOM format and structured to comply with DICOM standards, allowing for the anticipated expansion of veterinary-specific DICOM elements.
View images produced by all Veterinary Imaging Modality types​.


Store And Transfer

Off-site archival and simple image sharing keeps your processes running smoothly.


Retrieve And View

Access images anywhere, anytime, and on any device.



Configurable report templates provide a convenient solution for writing up notes and inserting key images.


Connect And Share

Easily share images among practitioners for optimal efficiency in diagnosing and treating patients.


Efficiency you can see

Effortless image management with world-class technical support means you needn’t worry about a thing – your attention is free to give to important tasks.

Store And Transfer

Storing digital images with Keystone Omni becomes second nature. You’ll have intuitive remote/mobile access to your images, reports, and files from any device, anytime, anywhere. As a cloud-based platform, Keystone Omni allows you to automatically archive and secure data. Transfer DICOM and non-DICOM images of any modality.

Retrieve And View

Review and diagnose with Keystone Omni’s integrated DICOM image viewer. Advanced features include 2D Multi-Planar Reconstruction for coping with images in multiple planes, gaining greater diagnostic accuracy. Keystone Omni also works with any other DICOM-compliant image viewer.


Keystone Omni’s time-saving features work seamlessly with most leading practice-management solutions, including speech-to-text compatibility, predesigned report templates, and custom report template capability.

Connect And Share

Easily share both DICOM and non-DICOM files and images with multiple facilities, colleagues, referral partners, and clients for review and interpretation.

DICOM Viewer

Peace of mind

Speed, automation,

See how Keystone Omni takes the stress out of image management.