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Keystone Repository simplifies the auction and sales process from end to end.

Before the hammer falls

Auction information to
support the sales process

Keystone Repository delivers the information that auction houses and buyers need to make confident decisions. It’s the foundation stone for buyers, consigners and veterinarians – driving simpler management of sales, submissions and viewing.
The auctioneer’s challenge, when providing multiple recent X-rays of each horse, with associated reports of medical procedures, lies in the volume of data that needs to be transmitted. Managing the processes involved, for the avoidance of doubt at the decisive moment, depends on seamless sharing of images. It depends on providing the reassurance that both sellers and buyers require.

Easy upload

Effortlessly upload images and report files to the auction site from anywhere in the world, via an intuitive user interface.

easy View

Repository staff can view images, organize files, and change their status as needed.

easy Store

All files are stored on the Asteris cloud-based server. There whenever they’re needed; safe, secure, seamless.


Dynamic and Automated

Meet your clients’ needs consistently thanks to Keystone Omni’s automation and real-time reporting.


Images are encrypted before being stored locally, and in the Asteris cloud. You can also store image and report files on additional onsite and remote servers.



You can define the X-rays, reports, and other files to be submitted for sales, ensuring that all of the required files are consistent in line with your clients’ needs.



Multiple X-ray studies and supplementary files are automatically consolidated for a single hip/lot.



Administrators can change the status of a hip/lot to “Sold,” “Passed In,” or “Withdrawn” with a simple click of a button.



Easily view or print statistical reports of view counts, viewing times, and reading parties, in real-time, on any workstation or mobile device. Send consigners and buyers links to dynamic statistical data.

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Submit images directly through Asteris Keystone or via our free and simple Asteris Keystone Community application.

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Whatever the nature of your practise, Keystone Omni’s flexibility and specialized functionality assists in the diagnosis and treatment of any types of animals, in any scenario.

Exotic & Large Animals


Keystone Omni is compatible with any imaging devices – no matter how diverse your hardware is, our software caters to your image management needs.

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Scale the number of patients you can serve in your community by removing the bottlenecks caused by complex, clunky, outdated image management processes.

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