Research shows that the veterinary market is worth over $97 billion. As the demand for high-quality animal care increases, more experts are joining the industry. They are also adopting new ways to attract clients and grow their offices.
If you are a practice manager, you may find it tough to retain more clients despite the growing market. Embracing telemedicine is the ultimate way to boost convenience and the quality of services.
Are you wondering why you should consider this modern practice in your office? Read on to discover five key reasons vet practice managers embrace telemedicine.

1. Better Service Delivery

The quality of services offered in your vet practice can influence demand. It can also determine if your facility is attractive to clients looking for experts to care for their pet’s health. While having an efficient team can ensure that you offer quality services, it may be tough to handle a large number of clients.
Adopting telemedicine allows you to avoid such issues in many ways. First, your employees can serve clients from home and avoid lengthy check-in and check-out processes. You can also assign staff to respond to emergency cases via telemedicine and help save lives.
Another way that telemedicine can help you boost the quality of your services is by improving workflow. When you can serve patients online, the number of patients coming to the office lowers. Therefore, your employees can allocate more time to physical visits and ensure that clients get better services.

2. Higher Client Retention

Maintaining clients is a significant issue in many vet practices. With the growing number of facilities offering similar services, you will likely experience churn if your clients aren’t happy.
Using telemedicine allows you to improve client satisfaction in many ways. First, pet owners can book virtual appointments based on their daily schedule. They will likely avoid coming to your office for minor health issues.
Clients moving to other regions can lead to a greater churn rate. Still, some pet owners may seek your services even after relocating if you offer desired services.
Slow services are annoying and can cause you to lose clients. Embracing telemedicine allows you to treat patients within a shorter duration. For example, if a client brings in their dog for an exam, they will not need to physically return for the test results if the issue is minor. Instead, you can send the test findings using an imaging solution that supports sharing. After that, the matter can be discussed in a virtual meeting and any treatments recommended.
Keeping your clients happy with telemedicine will help you retain them in the long run. You can also grow your office through referrals to their friends and family.

3. Increased Revenue

As your veterinary office grows, your profits may not rise much because you must hire more employees. You may also lose clients if they have to wait for an extended period to book a visit.
Embracing telemedicine allows you to avoid hiring many employees. It also helps you create an alternative revenue stream with a greater return on investment.
Meeting the growing demand for your services is easier when you leverage telemedicine. You’ll be able to assess the health needs of various patients based on their conditions. After that, you can identify the patients whom you can serve online and those who need to visit your office for diagnostic tests. You may then recommend telemedicine to pet owners and explain the benefits that they will enjoy.
This measure will increase the number of clients subscribing to your virtual diagnoses and treatment plans. You can then use this shift to reduce practice operation costs. A higher number of telemedicine patients will also enable you to invest in diagnostic solutions that streamline treatments and other processes, like imaging.

4. Improved Access to Care

One reason vet practice managers embrace telemedicine is that it improves access to care. Instead of patients waiting for several days to see an expert, they can receive diagnoses and treatments online. This measure will prevent rapid health decline and enable clients to detect minor conditions before they worsen.
The veterinary market has a significant shortage of experts like radiologists. Telemedicine enables you to ensure that your patients can access such specialists. Instead of referring your clients to other facilities, you can use technology like Asteris to share files and collaborate with experts during treatment.

5. Easier Management of Health Issues

Some patients, especially those with chronic health issues, may need regular checkups. While this measure helps manage their condition, it may be costly and tiring for pet owners. Using telemedicine in your vet practice lets you ease work for clients whose animals have such issues.
When patients can receive all the care that they need while at home, your clients avoid costly hospital visits. This measure also prevents health issues from arising due to constant movement and may lower client frustration and exhaustion.

Contact Asteris to Understand the Reasons Vet Practice Managers Embrace Telemedicine

Telemedicine has many benefits for vet practices. Asteris has the ultimate tool to help you leverage virtual treatment and consultation. The diagnostic imaging tool enables you to share images taken during tests with pet owners. You can also collaborate and consult with other specialists to ensure that you deliver the proper treatment.
Here at Asteris, it’s our goal to help veterinarians make sound medical decisions with ease, clarity, and confidence by giving them the tools and insights that they need to optimize the way they work.
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