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About Asteris

Rigorous clinical experience meets software expertise to provide the highest standard of care in the animal health sector.




We’re a company that holds family values close to its heart. They’re values that shape and inform the way we do things, and the commitment we have to supporting our fellow professionals; our customers.We provide a digital image management solution for veterinarians. Its purpose, functionality, effectiveness, and relevance to veterinarian professionals, come from the experience of our founders working in animal healthcare; combined with the experience of a group of very talented software experts they shared their ideas with.Their ideas were all about how to take clutter out of the vet practice; how to make a critical process – that is center stage to accurate diagnoses – assimilate with a vet’s thought processes, focus and concentration, not derail them. They knew there had to be an easier way.That’s what they came up with, and that’s what we spend all our time and talent making better; the easier way.

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We support the animal health sector in embracing modern, digital technologies and harnessing the efficiency of the online world.We are committed to helping veterinary professionals shake off any restraints to the pace of quality care, so commonly encountered with traditional approaches to image management.Across the entire spectrum of veterinary medicine, we are in constant communication with practitioners at every level, in every specialism.We believe that nothing should hold back continuous acceleration in delivering quality outcomes. We encourage and welcome feedback from the frontline. When it matters to you, it matters to the Asteris team.

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Mutual Benefit ThroughStrong Relationships


We focus on making the storage, transfer, retrieval, and viewing of digital images ever-easier and more efficient. We are partners to our customers and the sector they form a part of.Our mission is to build strong relationships to benefit all, to solve problems for our customers, and to look back at the end of each working day and know that we did the best we could that day and will do the same the next.As we develop solutions to veterinary care challenges, we seek input from those who face those challenges everyday: veterinarians, technicians, and anyone who can help us create products that improve the delivery of care.

Continuous Improvementin Animal Healthcare


Asteris are leaders and innovators in veterinary radiology technology software.We are always looking for simple – yet sophisticated – ways to enhance user experience through our diagnostic toolsets, seamless workflows, and frictionless integrations with the software applications most widely used by veterinary professionals.We are helping the industry to move forward by embracing the benefits of digital technologies, mobility, cost reduction, task simplification, and cloud.We’re about speed, quality, security, and everywhere access; continuous improvement for the animal healthcare community.

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