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FAQs About Asteris Keystone Software Suite

In addition to providing you secure off-site storage that is available to you in case of a technical disaster, we provide much more. Asteris Keystone Software Suite is a complete end-to-end solution for diagnosing, receiving, sending, and storing all diagnostic images and reports. Keystone will streamline your workflows and simplify collaboration with clients, specialists, and colleagues.

Just as our solutions aren’t “one size fits all,” neither are our prices. We’ll work with you to determine what price best fits your practice based upon factors such as whether you need telemedicine and reporting features, the number of locations, and the range of modalities you use.

A small one location practice can be completed in 30-60 minutes of our time – not yours. For larger and more complex setup, we assign a member of our project management team to oversee the entire process in order to ensure clear communication and a successful launch.

In most cases a short 30-minute training session is all it takes. Some of our customers start using Asteris Keystone and cancel training because they find the intuitive user-friendly interface so easy to use!

Yes. You can utilize any platform you want: PC, Mac, phones, tablets, or any browser. Simply use our handy Asteris Keystone Omni browser-based user interface to use our software on any browser or platform from anywhere, anytime.

No. Our solutions are designed to work on non-proprietary hardware. In most cases, you can use what you already have on hand.

FAQs About Securing Your Data

For most customers, data is retained on our servers for seven years. However, this can be extended.

If your local data is lost due to computer failure or other disaster, we can potentially have you up and running in a matter of minutes. Depending on your volume of data, actual image synchronization may take significantly longer but requires no client involvement.

Unlike most offsite storage vendors, we will never alter your data for storage space optimization. If your data is ever required for liability reasons, you should be able to provide it in the same state that it was used for diagnosis.

FAQs About Managing And Viewing Your Images

Asteris provides so much more than a storage location for your images. We provide a simple way for you to manage multiple modalities, write reports, and share images outside of your practice. Customers who try their x-ray vendor’s “free” offer quickly realize its limitations and return for our more cost-effective per-study pricing.

Our per-study fees include:

  • Automatic updates and upgrades to Asteris Keystone PACS and viewing software
  • Technical support for Asteris Keystone PACS and viewing software
  • Unlimited offsite archiving
  • Monthly reports detailing archiving activity, including study and archive dates, patients, owners, number of images, and modalities
  • Offsite and mobile data access from any browser or platform through Asteris Keystone Omni
  • Support for users who receive images sent from Asteris Keystone PACS

No extended contracts. Cancel at any time.

The truth is, not all image management services are fully DICOM-compliant. We are. We work directly with customers to configure Asteris Keystone to accommodate ALL standard DICOM modalities. Very few of our competitors do this.

At Asteris, we enable data received from DICOM modalities to be processed in a manner that allows for expansion and changes to the DICOM standard, as published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). We also have the ability to package non-DICOM device data into DICOM format and structure it to be compliant with current (3.0) DICOM standards, allowing for the anticipated expansion of veterinary-specific DICOM elements.

FAQs About Improving your Workflow With Asteris Keystone

Simply put: All of them. For years we have been enhancing our imaging modules to accept, process, and view data from as many devices as we have encountered in the field. We even play nicely with non-DICOM images, as well as DICOM images that fail DICOM specifications.

FAQs About Collaborating and Consulting With Asteris Keystone

While Asteris does not provide teleconsultation services, we do work with a community of excellent radiologists and specialists who utilize Keystone for receiving consultation requests along with many other integrated teleconsultation service providers. Please contact us at sales@asteris.com to find out more about how we can assist in your teleconsultation needs.

FAQs for Asteris Keystone Equine Repository

Upon submission, images are encrypted and stored using Asteris Keystone’s patented format. Images are stored locally, as well as in our Asteris cloud. Users may also choose to store image and report files on additional onsite and remote servers.

Asteris Keystone Repository allows you to define the X-rays, reports, and other files that can be submitted for sales, ensuring that all of the required files are submitted and correctly defined.

Submit images directly through Asteris Keystone or via our free and simple Asteris Keystone Community application. Multiple X-ray studies and supplementary files are automatically consolidated for a single hip/lot submission.

Asteris Keystone Repository offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed exclusively for Repository Administrators by Repository Administrators. An Administrator can change the status of a hip lot to “Sold,” “Passed In,” or “Withdrawn” with a simple click of a button.

Asteris Keystone Repository makes it easy to view or print statistical reports of view counts, viewing times, and reading parties, in real time, on any workstation or mobile device. Easily send consigners and buyers links to dynamic statistical data.

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Submit images directly through Asteris Keystone or via our free and simple Asteris Keystone Community application.