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Exotic & Largeanimals

Image management software for any imaging device. No matter what animals you diagnose, we have the solution.

Flexible Integrations

Image Management forCreatures Great & Small

Keystone Omni is compatible with any imaging devices – no matter how diverse your hardware is, our software caters to your image management needs. Our software has served zoos, universities teaching veterinary disciplines, and clients serving ranchers and farmers. Our system ensures that you can conveniently provide excellent care to any type of animal – all under one roof.

Easy upload

Instant upload brings simplicity to a complex working environment.

Easy view

View, organize, and change image status anywhere, any time.

easy Store

All files are stored on the Asteris cloud-based server.


Secure data and streamline your entire workflow 

Asteris has solutions to scale to your practice, no matter the size of your workload or the animals you care for. Discover how Keystone OMNI can automate your workflow where needed and provide care more efficiently. 


Images are encrypted before being stored locally, and in the Asteris cloud. You can also store image and report files.


Transfer images 3x faster than the standard so you can keep up with a demanding workflow.



Automatic archival, instant backup, and automated population of patient information at the imaging device.



Order an exam, automatically capture billing, and access images with a pre-populated customer record.

Monkey DICOMs

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Submit images directly through Asteris Keystone or via our free and simple Asteris Keystone Community application.

Business Types

See what adifferenceKEYSTONE OMNIcan bring toyour business.

Whatever the nature of your practise, Keystone Omni’s flexibility and specialized functionality assists in the diagnosis and treatment of any types of animals, in any scenario.



Scale the number of patients you can serve in your community by removing the bottlenecks caused by complex, clunky, outdated image management processes.

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Keystone Repository Software from Asteris ensures that buyers and auction houses make confident purchase decisions and simplifies the process end to end.

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