Around 70% of households in the US own a pet, and as more people embrace the benefits of caring for their animals’ health and getting annual checkups, the demand for veterinary services is rising.
As a manager, you should leverage the growing market base to expand your practice. Identify issues affecting your services and solve them. Follow industry trends to compete favorably and avoid losing clients to other offices.
Read on to learn how to expand your office, establish it into a reputable brand in the industry, and attract more clients.

1. Offer Diverse Service Packages

Veterinary clients have diverse needs based on their animals’ type, breed, and health condition. Their preferences may also differ depending on incomes and budgets. Offering uniform services can scare away clients with a limited budget or those looking for customized health care plans.
Offer multiple service packages to attract more people to your vet practice. If you are unsure what plans to provide, study your target market and identify their average income and the pets that they mainly keep. Consult a few clients to find out what services they would like your office to provide.
Using this information, design several treatment packages and health care plans. Then, present these options to pet owners who inquire about your services, listing the benefits and charges of each one.

2. Provide High-Quality Services

Pet owners select vet practices based on the quality of services that they receive. As a result, many are likely to pick an office offering convenient and satisfactory services regardless of the price. Attract more clients to your office by identifying issues that frequently raise concerns.
Review all procedures in your office, including billing, reception, treatment, and diagnosis, to identify lengthy processes that may scare away potential clients. Respond to client concerns, and establish measures to fix the issues permanently.
Taking such measures will help you prevent negative reviews that can harm your brand’s name. It also allows you to mitigate minor concerns before they affect client satisfaction.

3. Invest in Marketing

One way to attract more clients to your vet practice is through marketing. Assess the needs and preferences of your target market to determine the most suitable channels to reach them. This measure will also help you provide services that capture their attention and differentiate you from competitors.
Content marketing is an effective and modern way to grow your brand. Identify topics that pet owners research, and create content to answer common questions. Include keywords to improve page ranking on search engines like Google. You should also geo-target the content to match your vet office locality.
Other ways to market your vet practice include:

  • Put client reviews on your website.
  • Stay active on various social media platforms.
  • Post engaging content.
  • Offer discounts during holidays and special occasions.
  • Hold social media contests.
  • Sell branded merchandise.
  • Take part in community projects.

Investing in marketing is the perfect way to boost awareness about your services. Your target clients can identify unique aspects of your office and opt for your treatment plans. Another benefit of marketing is that it encourages client feedback and builds solid business relationships.

4. Embrace Telemedicine

Most pet owners have busy schedules and must squeeze in time for vet appointments. Adopting telemedicine in your office provides convenience and attracts more clients. Pet owners can enjoy your reliable services at home and avoid transport costs.
That said, accessing health care services from an expert is a significant issue in the veterinary industry. This problem is due to the limited number of specialists, such as radiologists.
Embracing telemedicine allows your team to collaborate with industry experts. In return, you improve access to reliable services and attract more clients whose pets need specialized care due to their health conditions.
Another way that telemedicine can grow your office is through referrals. If your current clients can easily access your services, they will recommend you to their family and friends.

5. Improve Diagnoses and Image Management

Diagnoses can determine how attractive your practice is to potential clients. Pet owners will trust your office if you accurately identify health issues.
Embrace digital imaging to boost diagnostic accuracy and avoid treatment errors. This move will help prevent lawsuits if you incorrectly diagnose a patient and offer the wrong treatment.
Once you adopt digital imaging, use a solution like Asteris Keystone to manage your images. This tool will enable you to share files taken during a diagnosis with other experts for consultation. You can also send them to clients to improve engagement.

Learn How to Attract More Clients to Your Vet Practice with Asteris

Attracting more clients to your office will help you increase revenue. You will also boost your referral rates and avoid high marketing costs. Asteris offers a solution to help you streamline digital imaging and diagnosis. With this tool, you can manage images, share files, collaborate, and secure data.
Here at Asteris, it’s our goal to help veterinarians make sound medical decisions with ease, clarity, and confidence by giving them the tools and insights that they need to optimize the way they work.
If you’re ready to stop feeling like there’s not enough time in your day, we can help you optimize your imaging processes and the way you work. Contact our specialists today to get started!