Founded in 2009, our global team of 200+ radiologists supports veterinary teams, offering 24/7 assistance. We provide reliable, quality reports, multidisciplinary insights, and guidance on imaging protocols across all species. Our user-friendly VetCT App platform ensures convenient case reviews. 

Inland Empire Veterinary Imaging 

Inland Empire Veterinary Imaging provides radiology teleconsultation through Asteris Keystone Community, targeting 24-hour standard and 2-hour STAT turnarounds, M-F 8 am-5 pm. Our compact team of certified radiologists ensures personalized service for referring veterinarians. 


Insight Veterinary Imaging 

Operating in Oregon & Washington, Insight Veterinary Imaging offers top-tier MOBILE VETERINARY ULTRASOUND services. Dr. Dave Gall, a board-certified veterinary radiologist since 2010, is committed to diagnosing the root causes of his patients' ailments and actively collaborates with their healthcare teams. 

IDEXX VetMedStat 

VetMedStat by IDEXX Telemedicine is an advanced, user-friendly platform tailored for veterinary medical imaging and consultations. With an emphasis on streamlining and enhancing the diagnostic process, VetMedStat provides veterinarians with a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize patient care. It prioritizes accuracy, speed, and ease-of-use to offer vets the best possible experience. 



eIMAGING, a radiologist-owned company, offers top-notch teleradiology and mobile ultrasound services for all animals at affordable rates. We interpret various imaging types, including radiographs and MRI's. Our industry-leading prices, swift turnaround times, and openness to clinical queries ensure unparalleled service.

Consultants in Veterinary Imaging

With over 15 years of Teleradiology service experience, Consultants in Veterinary Imaging, founded by a seasoned academic and partner in 3 Chicago Specialty Hospitals, began as an advisor to Asteris, Inc. Since 2008, it has been offering dedicated Teleradiology services in Naperville, Illinois (CDT). 

Alpharetta Veterinary Radiology Services

Alpharetta Veterinary Radiology Services is a small telemedicine company established on 2019 in Alpharetta, Georgia. Dr. Sepulveda is a board certified veterinary radiologist with over 20 years of experience. We have very good turnaround times and very competitive prices.