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Reading Time: 2 minutes Healthcare organizations across the globe are striving hard to optimize their workflows and improve efficiency. A lot goes behind acquiring,…

Published On December 2, 2022
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Healthcare organizations across the globe are striving hard to optimize their workflows and improve efficiency. A lot goes behind acquiring, storing, and transmitting digital images to archiving all relevant documents and reports in a secure manner. Most clinics understand its importance in the medical field and are actively employing the latest technological solutions like modern image management software to enhance patient care and stay competitive in their industry.

At Asteris, we are on a mission to assist veterinarians with making well-informed medical decisions by providing them with the solutions and insights they require to optimize their working practices effectively. This is why we introduced Keystone Omni – a market-leading PACS solution. This blog covers how Keystone Omni can help streamline operations at your practice.

Firstly, what is Keystone Omni?

Keystone Omni is a market-leading image management software with a range of specialized tools to meet the needs of veterinary technicians, radiologists, doctors, and surgeons carrying out a vast array of procedures, from the everyday to the more complex and invasive. It is developed alongside the most knowledgeable and experienced talent in the veterinary industry and is built taking into consideration the diverse range of needs in the field.


How does it work?

Keystone Omni integrates seamlessly with your existing practice management system with no additional hardware required. Its speed and performance is second-to-none, thereby removing the bottlenecks in your workflow and creating an ecosystem of fluidity seamlessly. It focuses on three main areas –

1. Managing Images: A range of features from automated archiving, instant backup, rapid recovery, and remote data transfer makes it easy to manage images. From advanced image manipulation tools to pre-orthopedic planning, it caters to the diverse range of needs in the industry.

2. Data Security: Looking after your patients’ well-being also means protecting their data. Broad consolidated plays are aimed at leveraging your data for commercial purposes. Keystone Omni takes control and protects your patient data through a balanced approach to clinical data flow in your practice.

 3. Facilitates Collaboration: Our industry experts understand your collaboration requirements. Keystone Omni simplifies the referral process so you can expand your teleconsultation workflow and process more requests. No matter what system your referring clients use, you can receive, access, and consult on the images consistently.

Some of the key features of Keystone Omni include –

  • Complete end-to-end solution for diagnosing, receiving, sending, and storing all diagnostic images and reports.
  • Accessible from any device, any browser anywhere, anytime.
  • No costly extended service or annual maintenance fees, just a simple pay-as-you-go service model for a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Highest level of security and data integrity by way of encryption, hashing, and lossless compression algorithms
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Quick and easy installation

Furthermore, we also partner with various imaging equipment resellers and individual representatives like PetBooqz, Instint, ezyVet, Shepherd, NaVetor, etc.

In essence, the Asteris Keystone Software Suite is an all-in-one solution for veterinarians to streamline their image-management processes, work at an optimal pace and provide the highest standards of care. To learn more, visit

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