How To Make The Most Out Of Your PACS Software

Reading Time: 2 minutes Healthcare businesses are proactively seeking ways to handle administration operations better and manage the expanding amount of digital files. This…

Published On December 2, 2022
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Healthcare businesses are proactively seeking ways to handle administration operations better
and manage the expanding amount of digital files. This is quickly followed by dealing with the subsequent data analysis amid the growing shift toward digitalization like telehealth.

In several healthcare sectors, notably in diagnostic medical imaging, specially-built software solutions like picture archiving and communication system (PACS) that provide simplified, fast, secure file sharing and accessing are proving to be game-changers. PACS software has grown to be a powerful tool for radiologists as well as other stakeholders to diagnose, receive, send and store all diagnostic images and reports in the quickest and most dependable manner.

To learn about the meaning, importance and benefits of a PACS solution for your business, read this.

Let’s examine how you can make the most out of your PACS system –

Access Files via Multiple Methods:

An influential PACS system offers a seamless collaboration where images are received and accessed through a centralized platform, allowing remote access from any browser or device. It eliminates the need to log in to multiple systems or use manual methods. Furthermore, it allows you to automatically archive and secure data.

Teleconsultation & Referrals:

Teleconsultation makes referral procedures easier while also processing more requests. Receiving, accessing, and consulting on the images, regardless of the system your referring clients utilize, is made possible while collaborating with various stakeholders like radiologists, pet owners, veterinary technicians, surgeons, etc.

Multi-Modal Support:

Modern PACS like Keystone Omni are adept at transferring DICOM & non-DICOM images of any modality. In addition to that, the integration of advanced features like 2D multi-planar reconstruction helps deal with images in multiple planes and provides better diagnostic accuracy.

Customizable Reporting:

Leading PACS software also come with easy-to-configure and predesigned report templates with speech-to-text compatibility. This not only streamlines the process of taking notes while inserting key images into it but also saves time and makes it easier to share reports with multiple facilities, colleagues, referral partners, and clients for review and interpretation.

In A Nutshell

Identifying and opting for a PACS software that delivers a robust, user-friendly, compliant, and adaptable solution is the essence of getting the most out of your PACS system. Choose a partner who can seamlessly integrate the necessary tools and offer practical solutions tailored to your practice.


About Keystone Omni:

Keystone Omni is the market-leading PACS provider with a range of specialized tools to meet the needs of veterinary technicians, radiologists, doctors, and surgeons carrying out a vast array of procedures, from the everyday to the more complex and invasive.

Developed alongside the most knowledgeable and experienced talent in the veterinary industry, Keystone Omni is built on understanding the diverse range of needs in the field. It offers an all-inclusive PACS for veterinarians, which is easy to integrate with your PMS, and comes with features like automated archiving, instant backup, rapid recovery, and remote data transfer.

Our innovative solutions are designed to streamline image-management processes so your practice can thrive, and you can work at an optimal pace, providing the highest standards of care. Book a free demo here.

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