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All images must be in a digital format and DICOM compliant
Only 32 images per horse will be accepted:
  • Both front fetlocks: DP, DLPMO, DMPLO, flexed lateral medial= total 8 shots
  • Both carpi: DLPMO, PLDMO (just off lateral), flexed lateral medial= total 6 shots
  • Both hind fetlocks: DP, DLPMO, DMPLO, standing lateral medial= total 8 shots
  • Both hocks: Just off DP 10 degrees (slight DLPMO), lateral medial, PLDMO= total 6 shots
  • Both stifles: Lateral medial (getting the proximal tibia as well as the trochlear ridges of the femur and patella)             and a plantar anterior (often an oblique is substituted at a PLDMO) as long as the condyles are visible= total 4 shots

Single shots/joints may be taken  if the original quality is poor