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2011 – Heritage Place Sale

Asteris attends the 2011 Heritage Place Sale – located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  – September 15th, 16th, & 17th. Consigners:
  • Asteris will provide veterinarians with an online application for remote data submission.
  • The consigner will be charged $20.00 per consignment. This allows for unlimited on and off-premise viewing options for a buyer’s veterinarian.
  • Consigners will receive a link for accessing statistics, such as how many times a consignment has been viewed and for how long.
  • Asteris and the Heritage Place Sales Company require three items for submission of radiographs to the repository:
    • All radiographs must be acquired between August 23, 2013 and September 13, 2013. Radiographs will not be accepted after September 13th, 2013. Please note that problematic images submitted at the last moment may not be accepted into the repository system.
    • The veterinarian must verify the AQHA registration papers and the HIP number as it appears in the sales catalogue for each consignment.
    • Consigner’s billing or credit card information must be on file before images can be submitted to the repository.
    • Asteris needs to have your and/or a credit card for billing. Radiographs will not be posted to the repository until payment is received.
    • Consigners may contact Asteris at 877-727-8374 to provide billing information.
    • Given that horses can and do injure themselves, images may be added to the repository for an “area of concern” at no additional cost. A corresponding report from the veterinarian is required, and the images must be added during the regular submission date range.
    • Consigners will be held responsible for associating radiographs with horses. If the horse name is changed in the radiographs knowingly or unknowingly, or if the images have been tampered with, the consigner is responsible for any charges incurred from a dispute.
    • The dispute process is as follows:�
      • If a discrepancy is found after a buyer purchases a consignment, they have twenty-four hours to report it to Asteris and the sale company. During that time the horse may not be moved from the premises for any reason other than a medical emergency. In attempt to prevent “buyer’s remorse” the buyer must pay Asteris and/or the sales company to investigate the challenge.
      • Asteris will send the radiographs to three equine veterinarians of their choice for review; the veterinarians will not be diagnosing, but only verifying that the radiographs in comparison are from different horses.
      • If the veterinarians determine that the original radiographs are from the horse in question, the buyer must pay all fees associated with the challenge process.
      • If it is found to be a different horse, the consigner will be held responsible for all charges including the $800.00 deposit and the commission fee to the sales company from the resulting lost sale.
  • The following views will be accepted:
    • Both front fetlocks: DP, DLPMO, DMPLO, flexed lateral medial à eight shots
    • Both carpi: DLPMO, PLDMO (just off lateral), flexed lateral medial à six shots
    • Both hind fetlocks: DP, DLPMO, DMPLO, standing lateral medial à eight shots
    • Both hocks: Just off DP 10 degrees (slight DLPMO), lateral medial, PLDMO à six shots
    • Both stifles: Lateral medial (getting the proximal tibia as well as the trochlear ridges of the femur and patella) and a plantar anterior ensuring condyles are visible à four shots
    • Please label the studies in this manner:
      • Patient = Hip Number as it is in the catalogue (horses’ names are not required)
      • Owner = Consigner, as listed in the catalogue
      • Accession Number = Day they sell and Hip number i.e. Day 1-001
      • Please disable “burned-in” image labeling (annotations) if your DR system supports it.
    • It is the responsibility of the veterinarian to verify that each horse presented matches their AQHA registration papers.
    • Neither Asteris nor the sales company will be screening images for positioning or technique; this is the responsibility of the veterinarian at the time of acquisition.