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Keystone Repository

With integrated features including teleradiology, reporting, study scheduling and seamless offsite data access, Asteris Workhorse is not just an image viewer, it is the ultimate diagnostic utility. Built specifically for veterinary practitioners and radiologists, Workhorse simplifies radiology-related tasks from patient check-in to diagnosis to check-out.


Security:  Upon submission, images are encrypted and stored using Asteris’s patented format, eliminating the possibility of data tampering.
Redundancy:  Not only are all images stored locally and offsite, but multiple on-site and remote-site servers can be installed, ensuring that your data is always accessible during a sale.
Sale Management:  Administrators can create and manage their sales with a simplistic interface. Unique sessions or categories can be created and associated to sales, and Hips/Lots can be assigned as desired.
Sale Processing:  Horses can be moved to the Sold or Passed In categories with the click of a button. Images for entries in the Sold category are no longer viewable.
Hanging Protocols:  Asteris is the only company in the market who has successfully implemented hanging protocol functionality for all veterinary-oriented modalities, regardless of how the vendor structures their DICOM tags and naming schemes.
Data Consistency:  Ensure the correct data is submitted by defining the required X-rays or anatomical positions.
Integrated Submission:  Keystone users can submit images directly from Workhorse.
Online Submission:  Images can be submitted to the repository from anywhere in the world using Keystone Community.
Submission Overlap:  Keystone Repository can accept data for multiple sales; users are given a list to select the correct sale for their study.
Multi-Study Consolidation:  Multiple studies can be combined for a single hip/lot submission.
Active Reporting:  Statistical reports of view counts, viewing times, and reading parties can be printed or viewed real-time on any device with a web browser.

The success of your clinic is vital to the success of our company. We achieve this by providing quality services backed with unrivaled technical support. Asteris employs a first-tier technical support help desk, available 24/7/365. Issues regarding all including hardware and software are addressed on a personal level; calls are not transferred to other departments or to third-party companies.

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