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Telemedicine Add-On for Workhorse

Keystone Workhorse Telemedicine Add-On

With the Keystone Workhorse Telemedicine Add-On, the most comprehensive radiology referral and consultation tools are at your fingertips. As with all of our products, this add-on has been designed specifically to improve the workflow of the veterinary practitioner and radiologist. Requests, responses, and reports are easily retrieved and viewed, and are permanently connected with their associated images. Features such as automatic field population, voice dictation capability, and side-by-side image display significantly reduce time spent creating requests. Forget burning and mailing CDs, blocked emails, and repeated phone calls to the consultant – our telemedicine model is easy to use, fast, reliable, and unsurpassed in the veterinary market.


Simple:  Consultation requests are created with one click, directly from the Workhorse study list.
Flexible:  Send requests to one of our registered preferred radiologists, or to any other Keystone user.
Status:  Users can easily view the status of active requests. Senders are also notified when the request is being read and when the response is sent.
Consultation alerts:  Notifications of consultation requests are displayed as they arrive. Consultants can also be emailed and texted, assuring they never miss or delay a request.
Tiered structure:  Consultants can assign backup consultants, so if they miss an incoming request it is automatically transferred to the next in line.
Online storage:  Requests, responses, and reports are permanently stored with the associated images and stored on remote data servers.
Synchronization:  Consultation data is automatically replicated to all Keystone computers, even between multi-site facilities.
Flexible data input:  Transcriptionist version and voice dictation supported.
Auto-population:  New requests are automatically populated with data pertinent to the selected study or case.
Data review:  Auto-complete functionality and a medical spell-check dictionary streamline both data input and review.

The success of your clinic is vital to the success of our company. We achieve this by providing quality services backed with unrivaled technical support. Asteris employs a first-tier technical support help desk, available 24/7/365. Issues regarding all including hardware and software are addressed on a personal level; calls are not transferred to other departments or to third-party companies.

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