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Keystone ImageSafe

Asteris Keystone Offsite Archiving Services offer you and your practice peace of mind in knowing that your data is secure and accessible. As images are acquired, they are automatically archived to our offsite servers, eliminating the time and worry associated with manual backups. To increase workflow, archived data can be searched, sent, downloaded, and viewed from a straightforward, user-friendly web site. In the event that data is corrupted or lost from the acquisition device, our data recovery services ensure that you are returned to operational as quickly as possible.


Remote backup:  Study data is automatically archived data to an offsite location as it is acquired. One-time fee per study (set of images).
Online accessibility:  Data is available from our online search page as soon as it is received.
Data viewing:  View data in JPEG format directly within a web browser or in DICOM format with our free online DICOM viewer.
Data sharing:  Send images to any email address via a simplistic interface.
DICOM send:  Send DICOM data to other DICOM servers from anywhere.
Data import:  Download data in DICOM or JPEG format – save the files to your computer or automatically import them into popular image viewing software.
Performance and security:  Our proprietary “package and transfer” mechanisms are capable of transferring image data up to three times faster than standard methods. Data is also encrypted to assure secure transfers, preventing unauthorized use.
Reduced bandwidth requirements:  Once an image is archived, all search, send, and receive tasks are performed from our servers.
Data integrity:  All data is immediately analyzed and validated when it is received by the remote server.
Administration:  Create, modify, and delete users for your account with an online administration utility.
Data recovery services:  Should data be lost from your image acquisition device, Asteris will overnight-ship the archived copies to your practice and assist you with importing it back into the device.

Offsite Archiving Data Flow

The success of your clinic is vital to the success of our company. We achieve this by providing quality services backed with unrivaled technical support. Asteris employs a first-tier technical support help desk, available 24/7/365. Issues regarding all including hardware and software are addressed on a personal level; calls are not transferred to other departments or to third-party companies.

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