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PACS [Picture Archiving and Communication System]

Keystone PACS

Asteris Keystone PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a comprehensive solution for storage, transfer, and retrieval of digital images. Designed for veterinarians by veterinarians, Keystone PACS monitors, centralizes and archives image data with the unsurpassed performance and reliability our customers demand. Keystone bridges the gaps between standard PACS, offsite data access, viewing and diagnosis, reporting and HIS integration, all with focus on streamlining workflow within veterinary practices.


Modality communication:  Accepts images from imaging modalities via network connection or media import.
Data retrieval:  Allows images to be retrieved by DICOM-compliant image viewers or Asteris Workhorse, our all-encompassing radiology workflow application.
Data import:  Import DICOM and non-DICOM image data from CDs and other portable media with a click of a button.
Data sharing:  Send images to radiologists, RDVMs, and pet owners through the internet or by burning CDs.
Teleradiology:  Send and receive consultation requests with the click of a button.
Reporting:  Generate and print reports while viewing images for diagnoses.
Practice management integration:  Communicates seamlessly with several practice management software suites.
Data monitoring:  Collect and import DICOM and non-DICOM data from folders or platforms that do not support automatic image transfer.
Remote backup:  Automatically archives data to an off-site location.
Off-site data access:  Search, view, and send data from a web browser.
Multi-site synchronization:  Automatically synchronizes data between multiple facilities, RDVMs, and radiologists.

Keystone PACS Communications Flow

The success of your clinic is vital to the success of our company. We achieve this by providing quality services backed with unrivaled technical support. Asteris employs a first-tier technical support help desk, available 24/7/365. Issues regarding all including hardware and software are addressed on a personal level; calls are not transferred to other departments or to third-party companies.

Asteris Keystone Workhorse –
Designed for Veterinarians, by Veterinarians