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Keystone Software Suite

Asteris Keystone products were created to form the ultimate solution for storage, transfer, retrieval, and viewing of digital images. Designed for veterinarians by veterinarians, Keystone addresses the imaging needs of small and large-scale practices, from simple viewing to complex routing and synchronization. Focused on streamlining workflow within veterinary practices, Keystone products simplify and reduce time-sensitive tasks, all with intuitive interfaces; stop working on computers and get back to practicing medicine.

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)

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The comprehensive solution for storage, transfer, and retrieval of digital images, Keystone PACS monitors, centralizes and archives image data with the unsurpassed performance and reliability that our customers demand. Keystone PACS bridges the gaps between standard PACS, offsite data access, viewing and diagnosis, reporting and HIS integration, all with focus on flexibility and simplicity of use.


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With integrated features including telemedicine, reporting, study scheduling and seamless offsite data access, Asteris Workhorse is not just an image viewer, it is the ultimate diagnostic utility. Built specifically for veterinary practitioners and radiologists, Workhorse simplifies radiology-related tasks from patient check-in to diagnosis to check-out.

Telemedicine Add-On for Workhorse

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Simplify radiology consultation processes with the Telemedicine Add-On for Keystone Workhorse. In addition to Workhorse’s ability to send study data to any email address, the Telemedicine Add-On allows sending directly to another Keystone user. A status interface displays alerts when a response is received, and allows navigation and searching of consultation history records. In addition, all correspondence and reports are permanently linked to the patient, which secures legal liabilities and simplifies workflow.

Reporting Add-On for Workhorse

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Increase productivity and workflow with the Radiology Reporting Add-On for Asteris Keystone Workhorse. Features such as automatic field population, voice dictation capability, and side-by-side image display significantly reduce time spent filling out reports. Several common reporting templates are included, and templates can be customized to fit specific needs. Reports are stored offsite for seven years to comply with legal liabilities and most Veterinary Practice Acts. Other features including reminders, contact lists, and practice management software integration make the Radiology Reporting Add-on a vital tool for busy veterinarians and radiologists.


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Asteris Keystone ImageSafe offers peace of mind in knowing that a practice’s data is secure and accessible. As images are acquired or imported into Keystone PACS, they are automatically archived to offsite data servers, eliminating the time and worry associated with manual backups. To increase workflow, archived data can be searched, sent, downloaded, and viewed from a straightforward, user-friendly web site. In the event that data is corrupted or lost from the acquisition device, Asteris data recovery services ensure that the practice is returned to operational status as quickly as possible.


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Send your images out for consultation with a simple touch of a button. Keystone Community is the only product in the veterinary market that allows you to request a consultation and receive a report without requiring service contracts or memberships. Installation is a snap, and Community does the hard work for you – its customizable and simplistic interface allows you to attach files without searching the hard drive. Do you need to send multiple files? No problem. Most email servers will block attachments that size, but Community is designed to accommodate as many images as you need to send. Your requests and responses can also be viewed within the straightforward interface – Telemedicine has never been this easy!